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Official Casino (the Card Game) Home

Casino is a card game that has nothing to do with casinos. It was taught to me by a friend and she couldn't remember all the rules, so she made some up. I also had some issues with the rules and changed them some more. These rules (my rules) are reflect in this games for Windows.

You play the game versus an opponent over the internet or versus the computer. It is a two player card game. You play cards to get cards and the scoring is a bit odd. All the information on how to play/score is in a help file included with the download.

This game features online multiplayer capabilities and centralized online stats with a world rank system.

So, give it a try... I think you may like it.


No not really an update. Just a repack of v0.6b to make it work with the central stats site again. Go download the new zip to be able to stats centrally again.

The first public beta, v0.6b, is out and ready for download.